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G5 icons set
Apple G5 icon set released

©2003 michael b. stuart
michael b. stuart

"In a world that changes as rapidly as ours does it's hard to predict what tomorrow may bring. I am a strong believer in the Internet as a tool to bring our world closer together. Art is a universal language, and it's potential for audience has grown. There is a level of control in digital media that I never was able to achieve in any other art discipline. This freedom keeps me so addicted. The only real limit on what I can create now is myself. I intend to challenge this as much as possible."

Recent Updates & News: (click on the date to view - linked words are to outside sites.)
9/23/2003 - Modern Corporation site gets a major tune up - completely redesigned in PHP.
9/19/2003 - Another shout out is due to for posting 2 more icon sets (NFL and U.S. Military)
9/5/2003 - A special thanks to who have just posted a fifth icon set(buffalo sports) of mine! Be sure to check out all the cool GUI goodies over there.
7/29/2003 - CamGrabber a great freeware application by Steve Dekorte features my iSight icon.
7/23/2003 - ResExcellence posts G5 "clean" icon set.
7/23/2003 - Iconfactory released a nice G5 Drives icon set.
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