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iPod Mini
iPod Mini icons(12)

©2003 michael b. stuart

Customize your computer with some of these cool mac OS X and Windows XP desktop icons. Currently offering over 600 desktop icons for your viewing and clicking pleasure. Feel free to email me with any possible icon projects. Use the appropriate link next to the icon description to download icon set. is no longer being hosted for free due to increased traffic - please donate -

* - refers to a "fixed" set with no more "halo"

G5 clean  G5 clean  G5 letters  iPod clean  iSight clean  Panther clean
Apple G5 & iPod & Panther "clean" icons(6 icons, 1 desktop)
2003 MV Agusta F4 SPR
MV Agusta F4 SPR & Gear (11)* - mac
new iPod
2003 Apple iPod icons(15)* - mac
Custom iPod icon - have your own customized icon created for your iPod.
Virtual iPod - flash mx iPod that plays mp3's and allows you to customize it's color: version 1.0 (20 GB)
The Flash(mx) revisited
The Flash mx - revisited(2)* - mac
The White Stripes
The White Stripes(3)* - mac | pc
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