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©2003 michael b. stuart

digital video editing
screenshot from mr. self destruct production

Digital Video
Welcome to the virtual theatre where you can view some of my DV pieces. The vast creative possibilities involved with digital editing along with the encapsulating user experience make for some powerful pieces of art. These are some of my favorites, unfortunately only the fastest internet connections will be able to download the videos due to their large size.

Cop View (18.1 mb)
music: gorillaz
Corn Husk Dreams (16.4 mb)
music: radiohead
Daze Gone Bye (16.2 mb)
music: sigur ros
Found Footage (20.6 mb)
music: tupac
Mr. Self Destruct (21.3 mb)
music: nine inch nails

Natural Blues (10.0 mb)
music: moby
Successful Kids (18.9 mb)
music: jimmy eat world

The Subjective Voice (14.9 mb)
spoken word: me
Through Again (with poem, 16.2 mb)
music: n/a

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